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   written by Louisa May Parker

A man and woman meet in a box, a patient undergoes testing and Britain heads for dystopia in this dark and thought provoking piece guaranteed to leave you questioning...


Cast:  Daniel Hayes, Louise-Clare Henry, Kelly Munro-Fawcett,

Louisa-May Parker, Sara Sadeghi

Production: Rachel Henry, Robin McDonald, Paul Plowman,

Marv Willers


'The Box' was RedBobble Theatre Company's debut production and Louisa-May Parker's first stage play. It toured Stratford Fringe Festival, Manchester's Not Part Of Festival and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2011


"Great playwriting can come from the most simple of ideas, and a box seems as good as any for a starting point. The Box is a dystopian examination of the fight between control and freedom of the mind. As a piece of writing The Box is a revelation. Utterly gripping"


"An unsettling critique of the increasingly illiberal society we found ourselves in...surrounding the audience with walls of newspaper headlines including the final News of the Screws. They might be watching you, we feel, they might be listening, wherever you are. A thought-provoking piece with well-defined characters and committed performances from the cast"


"The script was so good, that I was kept on the edge of my seat. The story cleverly unfolded like a murder mystery."


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"Red Bobble have made a good break into theatre. Keep an eye out...Their effort to establish a reputation is as important as their effort to entertain."


"Absolutely brilliant! How to describe it? Thought provoking! Excellent acting!"



"Red Bobble Theatre Company deserves commendation for a surprisingly riveting performance."