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"We learn from history that we do not learn

from history" Georg Hegel

One house.

One kitchen.

One woman.

Two world wars.


In 1916 Beattie is ahead of her time. A well read, bombastic adolescent with a promising future and a talent for writing. At sweet 16, Billy Glover is Beattie's first love. They live in letters sent across the battlefield.


Over twenty years later, Beattie, like the rest of Britain, finds herself in another war. Only this time she's got a failing marriage to Royston and an aging mother to contend with. Living in memories, amidst the bombing, rationing and village gossip can Beattie survive and finally put Billy to rest?  


A modern classic based on original letters from the Battle of the Somme and the true story of one remarkable woman.


‘If I should Fall…’ investigates the roles of women and explores what it means to be at war; at home and away, then and now, asking the question ... 'have we changed at all?'.

How did the play originate?

Find out more from writer Charlotte O'Leary here...

Upcoming shows...


Oldham Coliseum Studio

21 June 2018, 7.30pm

Tickets: £5

The show has been selected to be part of TAKE OVER Festival 2018. Please note, this will be a 'work in progress' showing of the play. There will be a question and answer session following it. We'd love your feedback!  

The story so far...

This is the first time we've worked with a writer from the very beginning and we have to say, it's been so beneficial and rewarding. Having met at Drama Centre back in 2013, we've wanted to work with Charlotte for a while. Then early last year Charlotte made an incredible discovery amidst unfortunate circumstances (watch her interview above!) and our story began.


The play has been through various stages of research and development since March 2017 and we've performed work in progress rehearsed readings at Oldham Coliseums FIRST BREAK Festival, Touchstones Museum Rochdale, Saddleworth Museum and Sandon House Heywood. We'll continue to develop the piece up until our Autumn 2018 tour.


We couldn't have gotten this far without the help and genorisity of actors, writers, fellow theatre makers and our audiences. We'd like to thank Mrs O'Leary (Charlotte's mum and daughter of the real Beattie!), Martha Simon, Pete Carruthers, Joel Parry, Adam Gardiner, Adam Davies, Gareth George, Matt Lannigan, Elizabeth Yorke, Scott Hodgson, Jordi Williams, Ed Green, Lisa O'Neill Rogan and Chris Lawson. 

Autumn Tour 2018

Watch this space!


We're very proud and excited to have the support of Oldham Coliseum and Touchstones Museum as we continue on our adventures!


Find out more about Charlotte O'Leary

here... IfIShouldFallTextA5