What is FANN?


Right now, we don’t know! It’s in its infancy. It’s developing. But what we do know is this…


•We are in constant awe of the incredible female artistic talent that we see in our home cities of   Leeds and Manchester


•We want to learn from these women


•We want to collaborate with these women


•We want to champion these women



Let's look at Japan for a minute...


What?! Ok…ok we know what you’re thinking! But please bear with us.


We love a bit of philosophical reading here at RedBobble HQ and a recent favourite was ‘Ikigai – The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life’ (check it out, it’s fab!)


Did you know? Japan has the highest number of centenarians (people aged 100 and over) in the world – currently a whopping 69’785! And guess what? 88% of those are WOMEN.


Along with a good diet, simple exercise and finding their ‘Ikigai’ (their reason for getting up in the morning) creating a MOAI is said to be a significant contributing factor. 


‘MOAI’ (/mo,eye/)

“Meeting for a common purpose”


“Social support groups”


Originating on the Island of Okinawa, Moai’s were traditionally created with an emphasis on community and for villagers to rely on each other in times of need; providing varying support in social, financial, health or spiritual interests.



Together, can we increase our longevity in the arts?


We had a thought. By creating our own ‘Moai’ can we increase our longevity in the arts? Can we be more sustainable? Can we be happier? Can we be healthier? Can we have more fun?



Wonderful Creators & Makers...


Are you a female identifying creator or maker? We’d love to hear from you. We want FANN to be a place that connects, inspires, celebrates and supports women in the arts.


Our specialism is live performance but we're excited to meet women from all art forms.


We’d love to hear about your skills and about what it is you feel you need in order to keep making. Where are your gaps in knowledge? What are your blind spots? What would you like from FANN?


Some ideas currently on our list include… skill swapping, networking, seminars on specific topics, scratch sessions and eventually, maybe…opportunities to showcase our work collectively.


The possibilities are endless and exciting, but for now, we’re just keen to get to know you and to learn about how we can make this work for all of us.


Come along to our first MANCHESTER MEET UP!


We are meeting at Oldham Coliseum Studio on Thursday 25 July at 7pm! For more details and booking please visit their website