Red Bobble Theatre Company LTD


Company number 10059727



“The Company” refers to Red Bobble Theatre Company Ltd.

“The Committee” refers to elected members of Red Bobble Theatre Company committee.



Red Bobble Theatre Company



Red Bobble Theatre’s mission is to develop and tour new and published plays with a focus on strong roles for women, where possible. In conjunction with our productions we endeavour to engage with communities and educational institutions to create and deliver workshops.


We are a not-for-profit organisation committed to creating work that promotes social cohesion and that is accessible, inclusive, challenging, inspiring and enjoyable.



The board is chaired by Martha Simon also taking on Secretary duties and Leigh Greenhough is our company Treasurer. Kelly Munro-Fawcett and Louisa-May Parker (aka Louise Gregory) are joint Company and Artistic Directors of Red Bobble Theatre.


All members will stay up to date with each other’s activities, assisting each other where possible. We will take joint responsibility in ensuring best possible practice and will seek advice and training where necessary. All company decisions will be voted on by all 4 members.


We will meet every three months to discuss our work and identify Actions to be completed and minutes will be kept. New members can be appointed with a majority vote.


Rules will be set and systems put in place as they become necessary through discussion and vote. This will count particularly with our finances, and deciding where to spend money. We will try to earn money through services to cover our core costs and find funding for individual projects. All money raised or earnt by The Company will be put back into The Company.


Company Objectives

1.To develop and tour new and published plays; with a focus on strong roles for women where possible.


2.To develop and deliver workshops in conjunction with said plays in community and educational settings in order to make theatre more accessible and to use it as a tool to promote social cohesion.



The Company is a non-profit making organisation and any profit shall be retained by and used for the continuance of The Company.



Membership of The Company will consist of Members and Temporary Members. Temporary membership is open to experienced professionals in their respective fields that support the development and delivery of the Company Objectives as certain projects demand.


Expulsion of Members

The Executive Committee may by a majority vote remove from the list of Members and Temporary Members. The individual shall have the right to be heard by the Executive Committee, accompanied by a friend, before a final decision is made.


The Committee and Officers

The Committee is responsible for the day-to-day activities of The Company. The Committee shall comprise of a Chairman/Secretary, Treasurer and two joint Company Directors. The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting and positions may be rotated yearly.

Membership of The Committee shall be open to all interested individuals.



The functions and duties of the Management Committee shall be to carry out the policies of the organisation as expressed through the general meetings and to conduct the business of the organisation between meetings.


Annual General Meeting

The purpose of the AGM will be to:

1.Elect Officers for the following year.

2.Approve accounts for the following year.

3.Review the previous twelve months activities and to discuss future plans.

4.Consider any changes to the Constitution. All proposals must be in writing to the secretary no later than seven days before the AGM. All changes will be decided by a majority vote.



The Treasurer shall maintain the Accounts of the group and prepare, in sufficient time the year-end accounts for approval at the AGM.

The Accounts shall be held in the name of Red Bobble Theatre Company LTD and two signatories will be appointed.

All general expenses must be approved by the Treasurer. Show related expenses must be approved by both Artistic Directors. Prior approval must be sought for all purchases and will only be reimbursed on production of a valid receipt or invoice.



In the event that The Company shall need to be dissolved, the Committee shall distribute the assets of The Company after the payment of all liabilities and expenses, to such societies that the Committee deems eligible.